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SODB files are provided in MATLAB and Ocean Data View formats. Depending on the type of oxygen units you like, you will need to download JUST ONE of the archives below:

O2 in ml/l (Matlab format)
O2 in ml/l (Ocean Data View format)
O2 in micromol/kg (Matlab format)
O2 in micromol/kg (Ocean Data View format)

To facilitate the inspection of SODB, a series of matlab routines and graphical user interfaces are also included in these archives. If you find this database useful, and/or do not wish to be held responsible for errors or omissions, please reference: Orsi, A. H., and T. Whitworth III, WOCE Southern Ocean Atlas, If you experience problems with the database or would like to have your missing data included, please contact: or

Grid files are in GMT NetCDF format. The archived GRD files are provided here.

T-S fits to SODB data interpolated to a series of neutral density surfaces are provided here.

The spatial distributions of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current fronts are provided here.

just as they appeared in: Orsi, A. H., T. Whitworth III and W. D. Nowlin, Jr., 1995: On the meridional extent and fronts of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Deep-Sea Res. I, 42, 641-673.